Quality Assurance

Chloë ensures the perfect quality of its jewelry and give it a special care from manufacture to sale.

In case of any manufacturing defect, Chloë née à Genève offers a national guarrantee covering manufacture or material defects under normal condition of use for one year from the date of  purchase. Any guarranteed piece turned out to be defective will be, in Chloë née à Genève discretion repaired within the possibilities and spare pieces available, replaced or exchanged. In case of exchange, there can be no assurance that the replacement model will be identical. The customer can only claim for a piece of similar value.

The Chloë née à Genève guarantee only applies under normal condition of use. Are excluded from the guarrantee : ageing, damage due to use of perfume, breakage or loss from accidental circumstance, the intervention of a third party, improper use or lack of maintenance.

The guarrantee applies with Chloë née à Genève by presenting the certificate duly dated and stamped by the seller. After checking the jewelry’s condition and the guarantee’s validity, the item is dropped off at the boutique in exchange of a receipt. Excpected time of repair or replacement is indicated to the customer.



 Once you buy a beads bracelet at Chloë and want to solidify it or make it look new, the boutique offers the first retrhreading before the end of the guarantee.



For every Chloë’s jewelry purchase, the first size fitting is free within 3 months.

At the end of the guarantee, Chloë née à Genève offers a repair service. The price list is available on request at the boutique or below 

Please note that Chloë née à Genève only offers this service if the repair is possible :

  • If it is possible to put the item back on its original condition
  • If the spare pieces needed for repair are available
  • If the item has not been misuse or attempted repair

To use our repair service please bring the item back to our boutique with the guarantee. The damaged item will be analyzed in our workshop.


In case of a guarantee expiry or any other case where the guarantee does not apply the repair will be based on the price list below


Bracelet rethreading : 15.-

Ring rethreading : 10.-

Long necklace rethreading : 25.-

Liberty fabric replacement : 15.-

Cord replacement : 10.-

Kurshuni jewellery repairs : 20.-

Yellow gold silver / Rose gold silver replating Kurshuni jewellery : 30.-

Chain extension : 15.-



A period of 6 weeks is needed for repairs.



Due to its delicate structure, a jewelry is very sensitive to abrasion and chemical attacks.

Often wear your jewelry. In contact with ambient air it naturally hydrates which helps to keep its luster intact. To avoid scratches, gently store every item away from other jewelry that could alter their surface.

The pearls are especially sensitive to all types of cosmetics (soap, hair spray, perfume,…). It is better to wait 30 minutes after using any kind of cosmetic before wearing your jewelry.

Only mild detergents should be used to clean your jewelry such as those used for delicate woolens. Dusters (chamoisines) are available at the boutique to clean your sterling silver jewelry.


Consideration on the control of precious metals

All high-end jewelry displayed on chloegeneve.ch website have a hallmark accredited by the Office for Precious Metals Control in Bern. The requirements on the control of precious metals regulate the trade for items in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and items coated with precious metal.

The requirements apply to both items in precious metals and items that are precious metals plated. The items made out of precious metals put on the market in Switzerland must be marked with a legal title indication – expressed in thousandths – and a hallmark registered at the Central Office for Precious Metals Control. Independently if the items are domestic or foreign manufactured.

On import, the Precious Metals Control conducts checkings adapted to the risks, supervises the precious metals internal market. Since July 1994, the control of precious metals is accredited as “Testing Laboratory for analysis of gold, silver, platinum and palladium precious metals carried out on fine precious metals or allies” according to SN ISO / IEC 17025.